Saturday, December 02, 2006

*U*C*L*A*fight*fight*fight* (where each star represents a clap)

12/2/2006 ~ Football
UCLA knocked No. 2 USC out of the Bowl Championship Series title game with a stunning 13-9 victory over its crosstown rival Saturday. The loss was USC's fourth in the last 59 games. (More) (from usc's website)

well, we won a football game.
we, as if i am somehow in anyway to do with it, or even really care.
it is neat to see, that on saturday evening,after the ucla usc game, the daily bruin has not updated with the good news but usc is updated with the bad. will the tyranny of money never end? is it that all the bruin reporters are getting drunk? and the usc posting because they are sad...