Wednesday, April 25, 2007

camp red hook goes to the zoo on the subway

that's mick's hair, francis, me (looking like an alien) lecy, and whiskey.

this is on our way home. we're still smiling although we saw close to no animals. who knew that barry could get twenty people to take public transit all the way to the zoo for a day? i think it was mick's first last day, or birthday, or something. which makes it over a year ago.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

fur elise

so the most rad thing today, or really the only rad thing, is i discovered that the piano at the johnson's is a player piano. so i can listen to fur elise, and the few songs that are programmed in like i'm in a department store and it's christmastime.

aside from that, think about this sticker-grafitti. what are they thinking? they think stickers of ronald reagan are secretly subversive the way andre the giant was? first off, come up with a new idea, but does the person who did them know there is a whole foundation formed just to get things named after ronald and that in the end it's anti subversive?
what i would like to think is that an 8 year old saw someone's late night grafitti and made it into a hopskotch, but i suspect the late night graphitti maker and the hopskotch maker were the same person.
i love trying to trick people into jesus in the same way they try and trick people into LIVE GIRLS shows.

Friday, April 20, 2007

We need an anti anti graffiti truck

i was running over the 3rd street bridge over the Gawanus Canal this morning and I saw a terrible sight. there was a man with paint, painting white paint over the graffiti that was on the red bricks.

then i came upon a truck that said, "keep new york clean from grafitti."

dude! the only reason to live in new york is for the grafitti.

i mean neckface might not be monsuir chat. and the octopus guy certainly isn't space invader.

but i love neckface. and i love the solumn guys on union street. they better not paint over them. i'm going there tomorrow. i think i might cry if they have.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter with big pictures

what's easter without Ross dressed for a yacht in a searsucker suit and boat shoes and busking in the garden? and snow.

Lara and Grayson came sans kids. Mark was up from Miami (?)

supposedly Jimmy hurt his foot, but i think he's carrying the cane so he can look more like a dandy than he does already

Ani has a pretty serious forhead, but i think she'll get over it, once she learns her father's zen way of life. "it's snowing. it's so beautiful."

Easter at Zach and Shanny's

Saturday, April 07, 2007

the gretta off




maybe i should write a kids' book about them
cats are kind of fun to draw even if they do make my eyes go all red and give me hives.