Tuesday, January 30, 2007

butterfly on my block

got back from the health clinic and noticed this butterfly in front of my house. i think that it is new. it could have been from candice/madigan/todd's new years party because it looks like it's silk screened.


so i have a gnarly earache from the plane. i think i burst my eardrums from the pressure with my cold, i woke up and there was blood in my ear when i q-tipped them. bad sign. but holy cow does it hurt and is it expensive.

learn from me...


it is not. the doctor was russian and kept asking me if i blew my nose hard and i kept saying, no, i was on an airplane. then he kept saying, "i do not know about ears." now i'm no doctor, but that's kind of basic, isn't it? anyway he gave me to perscriptions, which i went to ekert to fill. $325 later, i'm back home and my ear hurts so bad i want to cry and it's still fucking COLD in my apartment, even though the heat is on.

i should write something meaningful, i know, but i think i'm going to go lay down.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

i'm too sick to write about my trip.

showing space invaders to rio was totally fun. he then got more excited about them than he was by the picasso museum. he didn't actually like picasso.

yesterday went to le plus (?) which Jean-Charles says means flea in french, but i'm sure i'm skipping a couple of letters or something but the best treasure i got was at the restaurant, a "very tratitional french food" restaurant (sole, scallops, chablis) called "le coq" which had cute ashtrays, so i (with the approval of the waiter) stole one. now it's on my desk, though i think i should quit smoking now that i'm home.
last night in paris was spent in the oberkampft (sp?) with ande, jean-charles and nico and delphine drinking wine and eating tapas. it was a really good night, but i think i was a bit awful due to sick and tired and wine...oh well, hopefully not too bad.

i'm home now. sick as a dog, taking tons of medicine and can't believe i have so much stuff in such a tiny apartment.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

walton ford at the brooklyn museum

so, last wednesday, before i left for paris, i went to the walton ford show at the brooklyn museum. he is my favorite artist, probably because not only does he paint these amazingly detailed and kind of sinister paintings, but they encorporate audoban and storytelling. each one has a background.

i'd seen some of his stuff at the whitney about 2 years ago. but it turns out this is his first museum show.

while i was there, he was giving a talk to the museum doners so i got to hear him personally talk about what had inspired him to paint each thing.

this here crazy animal is taken from hemmingway's stories about hunting in africa.

Rio did not like the Musee Picaso

but he does like the space invaders.

oh well.

oh. and the space invaders

we were talking about them, and jean-charles didn't know where any were. but then, i saw three of them. ha ha! he was laughing at how easily i'm entertained.

we were talking about them, and jean-charles didn't know where any were. but then, i saw three of them. ha ha! he was laughing at how easily i'm entertained.

again. not my photos. i think i need to buy a camera, eh?

The Cat in Monmartre

my friend took me today to see the cat. he kept talking about it and i had no idea what he was talking about, he just was trying to show off street art to me, so we paid for the "galaxy," the telescope.

a lot of people offered to make caricatures of us, too, and insulted him by speaking to him in English.

these are not my pictures. all my pictures are on my phone and it is not turned on, so i will put them up later.