Friday, April 16, 2010

Get your Red Hook Foxes t-shirt here

we all play for the hometeam.

Red Hook Foxes Size L Women's in Bright blue Alternative Apparel


Red Hook Foxes in Pink Toddler size 3


Black Red Hook Foxes Spaghetti Strap Tank

Size S


two foxes in love tote


Love is Dead Fox Tote

don't you love this fox?


red gingham cloche size small

this will fit about a 21 inch diameter head!


upside-down wolf tote

the better to eat you with my dear


Denim Bucket Hat with Green Stitches

size small (21 inches)


Blue Gingham Ex-boyfriend-shirt-dress Size 6

this a about a size 6


orange polka dot summer frock size m-l

this will fit an 8-10


Ten years

ten years in new york is a long time. longer than i have lived anywhere else. more than an fourth of my life. it seems like seconds ago i was drinking tequila with big daddy in a bus shaped like a cable car, but it seems like decades ago that i lived in soho and ate breakfast at cafe gitane.

i wonder if i can make a list of all the things i have done since i lived in new york.

1. moved to prince street
2. went to the statue of liberty 4 times
3. top of the empired state building only once
4. drove across america 3 times
5. got bored of writing this blog and gave up before the industry standard even folded. sheesh. my commitment problem.

Green Raw Silk Dress

i have this in a Small Medium and Large, but I can make it to order, too!

I've done nothing all day tocommemorate my tenth anniversary of new York,

Friday, March 05, 2010

about owing someone $200

it's not the $200 that's the problem. or the fact that i haven't gotten that tooth fixed. or all those socks on my bathroom floor and the rack that is supposed to hold all my sweaters but is instead on the floor.

is that i'm always going to owe someone $200. everyone always does.

what's the new strategy?