Monday, May 21, 2007


i ran into candice in the street yesterday, literally almost ran her over in Lara's car, the little dear. she jumped in and said she was going to a print shop. i thought she was going to get supplies, but it turns out it was an open studio.

this amazing work was on the street across from the open studio.
i love the slyness of the eyes

this one is by mike houston, one of the guys who were being grilled by candice and team. i'm sure this work is copyrighted...but this was the print shop candice was going to check out. cannonball press. totally amazing. and clean, too.
this is the otherguy who told us about these giant prints they make the size of walls.
plus they're both darling.

right next door to their studio works a scupltor named Aurora Robson. her stuff is made of reused plastic bottles and is so completely amazing and, ironically, feels completely organic and monsterous, in a cute way, even though it's made from inorganic, non biodegradeable produces.
to top it off, balthrop alabama played at the b&t.