Saturday, September 08, 2007

Greg and Marissa's Wedding in La Jolla

The Brothers Neglia
Rodger Raderman, entrepreneur, Bruin, ex-waiter, groomsman, and brother of the bride
We determined that the whole day couldn't have happened if Rodger and I hadn't delivered fish together in 1994.
Poem by Rodger

Sitting in Washington Square Park
An apron on my head
The millennium approaches.

That's not it, I totally do not remember it.

Greg and Marissy

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Crazy Gnarly Rainstorm

It was so bad that not only we, but a bunch of truckers got off the road and camped out at a rest stop.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cairo, IL. Huck Finn missed it, too.

Laura's friend tells us instead of heading to St. Louis to see the gateway to the west we should go cross the Mississippi at Cairo, which I remember from Huck Finn and even think I may have driven through a few years ago (as in Pre Katrina.) In Huckleberry Finn, Cairo is the city that he and Jim are trying to get to and miss in a storm. Well, to some degree, we missed it, too, because it's pretty much gone.

almost everything is boarded up or burnt down.

i don't actually know what happened there. if it's the death of the small farmer and just poverty, or if katrina took them out. i should look it up.

here you can see where the mississippi meets the ohio river.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Driving Day Two. Hotel in Ohio

T-bones is what you get for choosing a hotel off the highway based on the fact it has a bar. Although the drinks were $3 each, I'm not sure that made up for the creepy guy who worked there, who, after buying us a ginandtonic, then came back from reception to tell the whole bar (that is the four of us, that would be Laura, the guy, the bartender and me) that he's gotten himself a room. Huh. The bartender says, "uh, what about your wife?" he says, "i don't want to go home. I'm sick of looking at those walls." it's then that we put some Linda Ronstadt on the Juke Box.

I am the passenger, and I ride and I ride

Pay close attention to my chin in these pictures, I'm pretty sure they're of the last ones of it in it's original "Pre-Moto" state.

Falling Water outside of Pittsburgh

Falling Water was the first "real" stop we made on our road trip. The rest of it was just driving. But the decision to camp there the first night pretty much made the trip: we were going to do the fun thing, not the fast thing.

totally worth it. although it cost $20 to go in the instead we paid $6 EACH to walk around it. Laura stole some silverware to retaliate.